7 Important Facts about Tsunami

Facts about Tsunami

Tsunami is a dangerous natural calamity. One should know important facts about tsunami, how it is formed, knowledge about warning signs and safety tips. This knowledge should be taught to kids in schools and if your region is a tsunami prone area, regular awareness camps should be organized to teach people the necessary skills. Here, in this post we will throw some light on all these things.


Low lying coastal areas are most vulnerable areas to Tsunami. Buildings and structures within 200 meters are at highest risk. People living in these areas should be careful and should be aware of safe places nearby.


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Causes of Tsunami


Tsunamis are usually caused by earthquakes under sea. But they can also be caused by volcanic eruptions, landslides or changes in atmospheric pressure.


Height of successive waves of Tsunami


  • First wave of tsunami that strikes the shore is not the strongest, successive waves are bigger and stronger. So, if you feel big waves coming, move to a safer place. There may be bigger waves coming.
  • Tsunamis waves can be of great height. Height around 60 miles is recorded. Two tsunami waves can be very far apart. Even the second wave can arrive one or two hours after the first one.

If you are stuck in tsunami, don’t try to swim. Grab a large object and allow yourself to move with the flow.


Speed of Tsunami


Tsunami can travel with a speed of around 800 Km/hr. They loose very little energy i.e. they can cover entire ocean with same energy and intensity. This is the reason tsunamis remain for a long duration once they occur.

Tsunamis bring a lot of salt with them. Due to this, surface water and even ground water of that area gets poisoned (with excessive salts) and many people die of starvation and various diseases.


This video will give you an idea of how much destruction a tsunami can cause. This video is not real but will give you an idea of the power of tsunami. Watch it.


Source : YouTube

Tsunami waves are only 1-3 feet high at the deepest part of the sea. So, the sailors above that portion don’t even feel that tsunami waves are passing under them.



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