Facts about Human Eye

Facts about Human Eye

Eyes are one of the critical organs of Human Body. Imagine yourself without eyes once, how miserable life would be. How would you walk? How would you recognize people? How would you feel the surroundings around you? Life would be a living hell. Every day we see some blind people crossing roads with someone’s help. They are dependent on someone for their whole life. That’s how the life would be. Its really a painful thought. So, leave it here and lets have a look at some interesting and important facts about Human Eyes.

Eyes are the most complex organs in the Human Body after Human Brain.


You will be shocked to know that Human Eye is composed of around 2 million working parts and 12 million photo receptors. Half of our brain is always busy in analyzing the data received from eyes and monitoring the eyes.


Eyes never need rest, eyelids do.


Eyes are the only organs of the body that don’t need rest. They can perform equally well day and night without rest. On the other hand, eyelids and other muscles need rest. This is the reason our eye keeps on blinking. On an average, our eye blinks 12 times per minute and around 10,000 times in a day.


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Eyes can detect a vast range of colors.


How many colors do you think eyes can detect? No idea !! A normal functioning Human Eye can see around 2.7 million different colors. Power to distinguish between different shades of colors is also great. Our eye can distinguish between 500 different shades of Gray.


Some facts about Color Blindness.


  • In color blindness, people see colors but get confused between some colors or couldn’t properly recognize some colors.
  • Red and Green are the most common colors that the color blind people fail to recognize.
  • This disease is 10 times more common in males than in females.


Some more facts about Human Eyes


  • Human eyes can process around 36,000 bits of data every hour.
  • It is hard to read from computer screen than from paper. Eyes can read from laptop screen 25% slower than normal.
  • Eyes have a 200 degree range of sight.
  • Not whole the eyeball is exposed to world, only 1/6th is exposed.
  • Under proper conditions, a normal Human Eye can see a lit candle from around 14 miles away.

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