Nutrition Facts about Beers

Nutrition Facts about Beers


Any party, any occasion, Beers put live in your celebrations. Consider it a trend, a bad habit, a status symbol or whatever. I would say “Beer is not that much bad as it is considered”. We all know, Beers contain very less amount of alcohol, so they doesn’t harm our body. Not only refreshing the mind and mood, Beers have various other nutritious benefits also. In this post, I will show you the nutritious side of Beer. After that, you can decide yourself whether Beers are good or not. So here we have Information and Nutrition Facts about Beer Drinking for you.


Interesting Facts about Beers


  • Always keep Beer vertically upright. If we keep it horizontal, there is contamination and oxidization from the cap.


  • How many beers can you drink at a time?? Two-three-four?? Now, I have a surprising fact for you. A professional wrestler, Andre, The Giant drank 119 beers in six hours. He still lived. He broke all the records of beer drinking.


  • Drinking beer is healthier than drinking water from rivers (which are so polluted these days) because beers contain antimicrobial ethanol.


  • Notice a beer bottle carefully, you will notice beer bubbles moving in both the directions Up and Down. This is due to the gravity loop created by a beer bottle.


  • Ambiance matters a lot. Drinking a pint in a bar with great lighting effect can make you high. On the other hand, drinking same quantity at home would not effect much.


  • If you are health conscious, I have a great fact for you. Beer has less amount of calories than an equivalent amount of milk or fruit juice.


interesting facts about beers


Nutrition Facts about Beers


  • Doctors recommend patients with stones to drink Beer. Beer washes away the stones present in the body. Drinking beer reduces the risk of kidney stones in the body by approximately 40%.


  • Drinking a pint of beer doesn’t harm the body but energizes and excites the body. This energy can be used to do difficult tasks without fear.


  • You must have heard the phrase BEER BALLY. Ya, if you need to grow your belly, drink beer bindaas.


Beer Making Process


Here, we will describe the Beer Making Process in a nutshell.

  1. First of all, Malted Barley and hot water is mixed to create an oatmeal like substance known as WORT.
  2. Then, Hops are added to it. Hops are flowers of vine. These hops are boiled with wort.
  3. In the mixture obtained by boiling Hops with wort, Yeast is added which converts sugar to Ethanol and Carbon Dioxide. Ethanol makes you high and Carbon Dioxide creates bubbles in the bottle.


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