Weird facts about left handedness

Weird facts about left handedness

There is not any exact definition of Handedness. Everyone has its own definition about handedness; some tells its definition by Right or left hand while some tells ordinary. Mainly, Handedness refers to use of our hand in any particular direction. Every style has got it’s a different name. Mainly, Handedness is divided into 4 types;

  • Right Handedness (Use of right hand for most of time)
  • Left Handedness (Use of left hand)
  • Mixed Handiness (Use of hand in alternate ways)
  • There are some types of people which use both hands with equal skills. For those persons, Ambidexterity word is being used which means Person having all skills.

Weird facts about left handedness

In World, about 90 % of people are Right Handedness. There is equal percentage of mixed and Ambi peoples. There is little bit more % of people using Left hand which are referred as Left Handedness. This article is totally for those people; this article contains all facts and myths of people and Scientific facts about Left Handedness.

Left Handed means Dangerous

If you look out the synonym of Left in Latin Dictionary, It comes out as Sinister which means any evil or dangerous thing for us. Due to this philosophy, most of the people compel their children to stay away the habit of use of left hand in doing any work.

Left Handed means Sympathy

After looking out in Latin Dictionary, we search they synonym of Left in French Dictionary which comes out to be Gauche. There is no perfect meaning of Gauche in any dictionary. There is original myth that t call someone by word Gauche, means you are calling him with sympathy or you are embarrassing him/her.

Weird facts about Left Handedness

  • People using left hand in their work are unable to roll their tongue as much as right handedness.
  • There are many books available that giving surety that Left handed people live 9 years less as compared to Right Handed.
  • If you look out in English phrases for the alternative of Left Handedness, it comes out to be Insult.
  • There are many artists who showed their paintings of devil to prove them left handed.
  • This is not limited to human only; Animals are also affected by this thing.
  • Some of the books proved that people with left handedness habit having more anger and emotions.
  • Population of Left handed in United States is about 30 million.
  • Left Handed babies sleep turn head towards left and vice-verse.
  • Every 4th Apollo Astronaut is affected by Left Handedness.
  • Itchy on your left hand, it means money will go from you other hand; it will come towards you.

Scientific facts

  • Most of the Autism affected children are Left handed.
  • Puberty comes 4 or 5 months later as compared to Right handed.
  • About 40 % are homosexual.
  • Scientific Research tells that from last 30000 years, Ratio of Left and right handed people are same.
  • Ultrasound claims that 90 % of womb seems to favor right thumb.

Wow facts

  • 13th August of every year is celebrated as Left Handedness day.Weird facts about left handedness
  • All famous personalities in sports, history, terrorists were left handed.
  • Having creative career.
  • If having any problem or affected by stroke, recover faster.
  • If you look out at the list of US presidents, from last recent 7; 4 comes out to be left handed.

Theory about wedding ring in Left handed

There are 2 theories which are totally opposite. One theory is of Egyptians who believed that if you wear wedding ring in left hand, it will brought heart nearer between both which means increase in love.

Other theory is of Greeks and Romans who assume that is associated with the evil ward.

Hope you like this article. If you having more knowledge about the Left Handedness people, you can comment below we will approve soon which will surely help people to get the perfect reason about the biggest question; Why People are Left handed and why they are considered evil?? We’ll soon provide a list of famous personalities which are left Handed.


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